About beaucerons kennel Cantrifolk

Kennel beaucerons «Kantrifolk» — the biggest in Russia. Here you can learn about the history of the kennel and about his life at the moment.

About cattery beaucerons «Kantrifolk»:
Kennel beaucerons «Kantrifolk» was registered in 2004. In the nursery, «Kantrifolk» located near Moscow 32 wonderful breed Beauceron dog. After lengthy correspondence, we managed to bring the puppies from leading nurseries France. In the nursery, «Kantrifolk» is rare for a dog of this breed merle «harlequin.» Dogs kept in cages and thrive in nature. Since 2001, I have been breeding beaucerons, I never regretted it. We strongly recommend to pay attention to this breed. Hopefully, the Beauceron breed, perfectly suitable for Russia, will be the future here.